Pakistan Hortifresh Processing (Pvt.) Limited


It is a Common Facility Centre for processing of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables at Karachi established under a joint venture arrangement between Federal Govt. (through PHDEC) and Durrani Associates. The activities include sorting, washing/cleaning, hot water treatment, cold treatment, grading, packing and cold storages. The project was completed in record time. It carried out trial runs in July/August 2011 and commercial operations were made in 2012. It would help in meeting quarantine requirements of importing countries and enable sea shipments to distant destinations ultimately resulting in increased exports of horticulture products.

Dr. A. Q. Khan Durrani

Durrani Associates is three decades old company which has been extensively involved in research activities and field pathology of fruits and vegetables with the objective to enhance the shelf life of different horticulture products. With the motto to reduce the waste of horticulture products the company has been involved in devising means to deliver perishable items across the globe. Durrani Associates have evolved field pathology with respect to different items and specie. The man behind Durrani Associates is Dr. A.Q. Khan Durrani, an expert / researcher pathologist and has gathered a lot of experience regarding food processing/pathology. He is member of various working group like Strategic working Groups on Horticulture by PISDAC, PHDEC, TDAP and Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR).

Pakistan Hortifresh Processing (Pvt.) Limited is Pakistan’s first ever company constituted under Public Private Partnership in the horticulture sector. Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company (PHDEC) and Durrani Associates joined hands to establish this state of the art facility for fresh fruits and vegetables processing with HOT Water Treatment (HWT) facility in the record time of 10 months. 

The company started its working in 2011 and few trial shipments were prepared and exported from Horti Fresh to different destinations such as Lebanon and Mauritius followed by commercial consignments to these destinations. This year Horti Fresh products will be entering new markets of Australia and S. Korea, earning Pakistan valuable foreign exchange.

The presence of HWT at the facility has made it possible for farmers, growers, exporters and other stakeholders to export fruits and vegetables through sea shipments, which has reduced the export cost up to 1/6 of the air cargo cost, which was an expensive option for exporters. Secondly availability of sufficient air space for different destinations was remained a dream for exporters. With the establishment of Hortifresh, the exporter community is feeling much confident about maintaining a smooth supply chain to their customers.

Pakistan Horti Fresh is not only the solution for cheaper export but also a way of enhancing shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables up to six times of their normal shelf life by minimizing the the risk of bacterias such as Aspidiotus destructors, Bactrocera dorsalis, Bactrocera zonata, Coccus viridis, and Thrips palmi.
Pakistan Horti Fresh is serving as the common facility center of international standards for processing and HWT to meet the quarantine requirements of most of the export destinations. The facility is approved by Quarantine Departments of the governments of Lebanon and Mauritius. Approval from USA, Japan, China, and Australia is under process.

Processing Unit Location
55, Deh Tore, Gadap Town
Opposite Baqai Medical University, Super Highway
Karachi - Pakistan.
Tel : +9221-3423-7237
Fax : +9221-36360995
Cel: +92-321-8275648