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Pakistan Horticulture Development & Export Company (PHDEC) expects and requires its Board of Directors, Management and all its employees, to observe the highest levels of ethical standards and integrity in the conduct of its business activities. The Code is based on the following basic principles. 

I. All Concerned should perform their duties and responcibilities with honesty, integrity, morral and deligence.

II. They should ensure confidentiality and deter misuse of confidential or inside information, entusted upon then for their own or any others benifit.

III. Ther should prevent and avoid dealings or transactions that may lead to any conflict of intrest.

IV. They should act as professionals with knowledge, expertise and due care.

Further in line with the Company efferts to maintain the decorum and ensure an environment that is cohesive to the development and success of the people a code of conduct has been put in place where the following activities can result in disciplinary action. 

1. Unsatisfactory and negligent job performance.

2. Excessive and unauthorized absence from duly.

3. Unsatisfactory safety performance.

4. Uses of drug or intoxicants during the duty hours.

5. Absence from duty without notice or permission from the senior unless the cause of ansence prevents giving notice.

6. Using influence for promotion, transfer or posting.

7. Conduct that violates common decency and morrality.

8. Deliberate refusal to comply with reasonable requests or instructions.

9. Use or possession of weapons, ammunitions, intoxicants, prohibited drugs.

10. Gamling in office premises.

11. Theft or unauthorized removel of office property or property belongings.

12. International damage to site, employee, contractor or vendor property.

13. Dishonest act or falsification of records, including the giving of false information.

14. Smoking except in designated areas.

15. Using of or devulging without permission any confidential information gained through employment in the Company.

16. Physical, mental or sexual hasassment of fellow employee(special emphasis on female harassment) including threat to do bodily harm.

17. Crime involving fraud, indecency, breach of degnity or public morals and other serious offences.

18. Any other commission or omission that, in the opinion of the Company, requires/justifies dismissal/termination of employment.

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